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"A fine cast who all perfectly fall into their roles."

Ain't It Cool News


"Standout supporting players."



"The casting for this film was phenomenal."

Bloodtype online


"I just wanted to let you know that everybody was very impressed with your casting and the talent you found for us. I would like to hire you more often. Would you be available to cast commercials for us?"

Tom Weissferdt, Partner - Atomik Pictures/L.A.


"Luckily, in Dino Ladki, I had a great casting director who wouldn't rest until we had found the perfect actor for each role."

Chris Sivertson, Director/Producer


"I must say the cast was excellent, from top to bottom. You should be proud of yourself, you did a great job."

David Grace, Producer 


"[Dino is] passionate about the casting process. He loves actors and creates an audition environment that stimulates their best work."

Clint Hutchison, Director/Producer

"I had an awesome casting director named Dino Ladki. We spent an entire summer casting the thing. Dino is a casting maniac who really digs and digs and finds amazing new talent."

Chris Sivertson, Director/Producer


"A great job in casting individuals that, while not famous at the current moment, will be the next big thing in the years to come" 

Neufutur Magazine


"It is said that 90% of directing is casting. Dino Ladki is the proof behind the validity of this equation. As a director, I probably should not be admitting that, but Dino's thorough understanding of the script and the dynamics of the characters helped me immensely as a director."

Kedar Korde, Director/Producer


"Dino Ladki was a joy to work with. His eye for talent coupled with his ability to negotiate terms was exceedingly helpful. Dino's organizational skills added greatly to the smoothness of the casting process. Like with all directors, casting is the number one priority and working with Dino made the process manageable and rewarding."

Jane Hall, Director/Producer

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