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I'm a West Hollywood-based acting coach and self-taping expert. 

I am dedicated to helping actors hone their craft, deliver memorable performances and create outstanding self-tapes that effectively showcase their strengths and highlight their unique qualities.

My work is informed by my previous career as a casting director.  I was fortunate to have cut my teeth working as a Casting Associate at Warner Bros. and Universal studios. And later at MTV where I originated and headed the network’s first scripted casting department. When I hung up my own shingle as an independent casting director I had the opportunity to cast numerous indie movies, network pilots, and series.

But eventually, I realized that the only part of casting that I truly loved was working with actors and helping them deliver their best performances. So I decided to focus solely on that. And thus my “coaching and taping” career began. I have been enjoying this work for over a decade now and I have never looked back.

As a coach, I strongly believe that there isn't a single correct approach to the work. I acknowledge and utilize various methods to cater to each actor's individual needs. Factors such as their personal process, experience level, temperament, and preferred level of engagement are taken into consideration. Whether it involves simply discussing the role or breaking down each scene sentence by sentence, I adapt my coaching style accordingly. My one guiding principle is this: I believe that everything one needs to bring a character to life can be found within the text of the script. Therefore, a staple of my work is interpretation of the text: finding the hidden nuggets that inform the character within it, and mining different ways of conveying its meaning. My objective is to help actors capture the essence intended by the writer while simultaneously fostering their own unique interpretation of the material. It’s also crucial to emphasize that my passion for this work is fueled by my love of actors. I make it a priority to ensure that they always feel supported, safe, and free to try things without fear of judgment. I'd love to help you with your auditions, regardless of whether we tape them together or not. I also offer coaching services for the roles you book, which can involve coaching for every episode of a series or major scenes in a movie. All sessions, whether they be coaching, taping, or both, can be done in person or online. For online taping, I utilize a Skype-based app that creates individual files for each take (unlike Zoom) or you can record yourself on your phone/computer while I read and work with you over another device. For in-person taping, I have a fantastic old-school setup that produces beautifully lit, warm, and flattering tapes. I achieve this by utilizing vintage studio lights from Mole-Richardson, strategically placed fills, and an HDV 1080i camera by Sony. This camera provides high-definition recording while maintaining a warm and flattering aesthetic. Unlike standard camcorders and cell phones, which can be overly high-definition and expose every detail, my camera strikes a balance between resolution and enhancing your appearance. Additionally, I always have a backup tape running, just in case, and I use an efficient recording format that allows for quick downloads. I’m an excellent reader and do all the off-camera reading myself, but you’re always welcome to bring your own reader if you prefer. For all coaching and taping sessions, I spend as much time as I can reading the scripts of the projects I'm helping you with so that I have as much context as possible during our sessions. All ages are welcome, from 5 to 95. My rate for coaching, taping, or both is just $45 per half-hour. Editing your tape and sending it to as many parties as you like is always free of charge. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via phone, text, or email if you have any questions. I'm here to assist you at any time.

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